The Risk Of Investing In Real Estate In Nigeria And How To Minimize It

A plot of land at Osborne Foreshore Estate has been there since time immemorial. ⁣

It hasn’t moved. ⁣

It may have been developed, re developed, different structures erected on it over the years BUT⁣

Its location still remains the same. ⁣

That’s the risk in real estate. ⁣

⁣If you purchase a Ford 2020 model today, immediately after paying for it, you drive it out of the showroom right.⁣⁣

So it is with other things but for real estate, you can’t do that.⁣

That is why it is  possible for scammers to sell the same piece of land or property to more than one person. ⁣

How then do you manage this risk?⁣

By following the due diligence tips to the letter.

Ask the right questions, conduct a physical inspection, ask for the necessary documents, verify the documents and most importantly, engage an experienced real estate lawyer to help you.

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Tosin omotosho
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