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We provide smart entrepreneurs with maximum legal protection whilst running and expanding their businesses and we are the smart real estate investor’s partner in profitable property investments.
Starting, running, and growing a business is already hard enough, legal issues make it complicated, we are here to take care of all legal issues so you can focus on the core of your business.
Buying, selling, investing, managing real estate and growing wealth in real estate cannot be a success without an experienced lawyer, we ensure your real estate deals are legally protected and profitable.

Trusted by dozens of businesses including start ups
Tosin Omotosho

Hello there, I am Tosin Omotosho, the smart entrepreneur’s and smart real estate investor’s lawyer.

I and my team help entrepreneurs with the legal aspects of their businesses like getting prompt legal advice, drafting detailed contracts to protect their interests, representing them in business transactions and negotiations and all things legal as regards their business.
We work with Real estate owners and investors by doing due diligence when buying property, drafting the necessary documents and contracts to show their new ownership, perfecting their ownership, managing their real estate investment portfolio, representing them in property transactions and management and giving timely and prompt legal advice on real estate in Nigeria.

What we do for our clients

Business Law

Save yourself from regrets

As an entrepreneur you need a lawyer from the start of your business and at every stage of their business.
We do so through the following.

  • Company Formation, Trademark Protection and Registration
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Assignment
  • Post Company Incorporation/Registration matters
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts like employee contracts, non-disclosure, shareholders’ agreement, website terms and conditions, website privacy policy, partnership agreements etc
  • Legal advice on your business transactions on how to make the most profit in your transactions whilst protecting your interests.
  • Dispute Resolution

Real Estate Law

Avoid legal traps

Whilst Real Estate remains one of the best asset classes, it is only profitable when you invest and manage it with the help of experienced professionals.
As your Real Estate lawyer, we help you from the start of your journey,

  • Doing the necessary due diligence and verification to ensure you don’t get scammed of your hard-earned resources.
  • We also provide legal advice for both individual investors and corporate investors, Real Estate consultants and other stakeholders in the Real Estate industry.
  • We draft the necessary detailed documentation for all Real Estate transactions like purchase, sale, lease, gift, rentals etc. to protect your interests as an investor and stakeholder.
  • At Charis Legal Practice, we are your legal partner to success in your real Estate investments.

Benefits of Working with Us

Experienced lawyer

Tech Savvy

We offer virtual legal services


We understand you

What People Say About Us

Blessing Agba
Blessing Agba
Their services is topnotch. Fast delivery , Efficient services & fair service charges.
Gbemisola Aruwayo-Obe
Gbemisola Aruwayo-Obe
Chairs Legal provide quality professional services regarding my real estate investments.They are responsive, reliable and dependable.
Esther Uchechukwu
Esther Uchechukwu
She did an investment agreement for my company and followed up with me and the investor just to make sure we both understood and are satisfied. Great job. I recommend her any day any time
Before I started working with charis legal practice, registering my company was tough. When I finally met them,they made it easy and fast in registering my company. They are fast ,professional and responsive.
Tolulope Olowo-okere
Tolulope Olowo-okere
Tosin is such a warm soul. I started this journey without any clue but she held me by the hand through the journey. She is so professional , willing to respond to you no matter the time of the day which is such a great thing for me. Thank you Tosin for the premium service.
Wuraola Ademola-Shanu (TheCopywritingChick)
Wuraola Ademola-Shanu (TheCopywritingChick)
Tosin has been my lawyer for over two years and has done an excellent job in ALWAYS PROTECTING my interests! I also love how she patiently explains the law, outline issues in clear language and constantly keeps me in the loop. Adjectives to describe her? Dependable, Reliable, Knowledgeable and Effective! 👌🏾 I highly recommend her to anyone with business and real estate issues. She's the best! 🔥🔥
VoVo VoVo
VoVo VoVo
Thank you for all you do. Barr. Tosin is a professional real estate lawyer who’s not just in for the service but also try to understand a client’s needs as a friend to ensure they get the best.
Chisomaga Njemanze
Chisomaga Njemanze
Tosin is amazing! I'm a brand designer and I reached out her when I started taking on design clients and wanted to protect my business. Before I worked with Tosin, I didn't know how to set up a contract agreement to cover the kind of services I offered, and have it binding under the law. But after working with her, I now have a contract agreement that protects my clients and I. Setting out what they can expect from me and what I expect from them. She patiently listens to your ideas and concerns, then counsels based on what is possible under the Nigerian courts. She also explains legal terms in a simple manner. If you are looking for a business lawyer who will work with you to safeguard your brand from legal woes, I highly recommend her .
Chioma Nwanmuo
Chioma Nwanmuo
Longji Kumdet
Longji Kumdet
Before I worked with Tosin, I was sceptical because of the previous experience with amateur lawyers that didn't give me a satisfactory result, after working with her, I now believe she is capable of handling difficult cases. If you are looking for a competent lawyer I highly recommend her.

A Personal Note from our Managing Partner

I am Tosin Omotosho, and it is a pleasure to have you on our website.
I have been a business and real Estate lawyer for over 14 years, and I spent my first 8 years cutting my teeth in a topmost Lagos law firm before starting Charis Legal Practice.
As an undergraduate of Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, I dreamt of helping lots of people get out of trouble or even avoid trouble altogether with my knowledge of the law.
I started my career at a topmost law firm in Lagos where I practiced for 8 years and cut my teeth in real estate law, legal advisory, dispute resolution, commercial litigation.
I saw firsthand how not getting access to prompt, timely and professional legal support ruined many Businesses and Real Estate Investment.
In 2017, I started Charis Legal Practice and our vision is to be our client’s trusted partners in business and not just their lawyers.
We seek to understand each client’s peculiar needs and use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals (within the ambits of the law), whether you are an entrepreneur or a real estate investor.
Now thanks to technology, I and my team serve our clients are all over the world from every part of Nigeria to other countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA.
We have served over 100 clients (both individuals and companies) within 5 years of our existence and more than 50% of our clients have become repeat clients.
Yes, our clients trust us because we don’t just work with you as your lawyer, we are your partners.
Care to join us today.
You can contact us by calling, sending a text message or WhatsApp message to 08067579491


  1. You can contact us by calling, sending a text message or WhatsApp message to 08067579491
  2. Send an email to info@charislegalpractice.com.ng

Tosin Omotosho (LL.B OAU, B.L), Charis Legal Practice

Oluwatosin Omotosho

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