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We are a technology law firm and we offer our legal services using online and virtual tools. Call us on 08067579491 or send us an email at tosin@charislegalpractice.com.ng to get started.
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Charis Legal Practice is a result- oriented and solution-seeking law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. At Charis Legal Practice, our business is all about supporting you. We understand the diverse challenges that business owners face and strive to develop innovative solutions that solve problems and protect their interests.

Our Expertise

We are experts in business law. Many pillars make a business successful, they include business development, sales, marketing, legal accounting etc. You cannot build a successful business by concentrating on only one or two or three pillars. All the pillars must be strong enough for your business to survive. At Charis Legal Practice we provide the legal support you need to start, scale and grow your business.



Contracts are a big part of commercial transactions. As a matter of fact, your company is set up to sell either physical goods or intangible services… 

Contrary to what you may think, having a written contract doesn’t mean you don’t trust the other party.  Rather it to state what each…

This mistake I will be talking about in this article cost Eduardo Saverin, Facebook co-founder a whooping 30% equity stake in Facebook Inc…

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“We strive to find solutions for our clients, within the ambits of the law. Our business is all about supporting you.”

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