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Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

About five years ago, I worked with an entrepreneur who lost thirty-five million naira in a business deal due to a legal mistake.

This mistake is detailed in Chapter 8 of *Not Again*. Sadly, many more entrepreneurs are still making the same mistake. I wrote *Not Again* to help you avoid these pitfalls. This year, let's make sure we don’t ruin our businesses with avoidable legal mistakes

Many entrepreneurs lose their hard-earned money and investments because of simple legal mistakes. These mistakes can destroy a business before it even takes off. Not Again* is your guide to avoiding legal mistakes that can harm your business. Learn from real-life examples and get practical tips to protect your company..

Not Again Ebook


What you will learn

The legal mistakes that can ruin your business

How to avoid these mistakes

Why it's crucial to get your legal structure right from the start

tosin omotosho


Hello, I am Tosin Omotosho

A business lawyer with over 12 years of experience. I've helped many entrepreneurs solve legal problems that could have been avoided. In *Not Again*, I share the legal mistakes smart entrepreneurs should avoid and how to avoid them.

Don't let legal mistakes ruin your business.

Get your free copy of Not Again and start protecting your business today!

Frequently asked questions:

What is the format of this e-book?

It is a downloadable resource. Once you make payment, you will be redirected to download the e-book, partnership agreement, and the guide

Is it really free?

Yes, *Not Again* is completely free.

Can I read on any device?

Yes, you can read on your phone, iPad, tablet, and any electronic device once you download.

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