6 Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make And How To Avoid Them

  1. Not having a strong investment goal
  2. Not having a budget for real estate
  3. Not doing due diligence before buying
  4. Not engaging the right professionals
  5. Not doing the necessary documentation for your real estate investment
  6. Not perfecting your title

Once you make any of these mistakes I can assure you that you will pay dearly for it (I am not scaring you , no not all , I am just telling you the truth that will set you free)

So instead of those mistakes this is what you should do;

  • Have an investment goal
  • Have a budget for your investment to include price of the property, price for conducting due diligence, drafting the deed of assignment, conducting survey and perfecting your title.
  • Do a due diligence on the property (check selar.co/ddr for more on this)
  • Engage an experienced lawyer right from when you start the process so he or she can do the necessary documentation and perfection of the title.

Is this helpful?

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Tosin omotosho
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