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Get Peace of Mind with Expert Real Estate Documentation Services


We specialize in the meticulous drafting and comprehensive review of a wide range of real estate documentation, including:

Purchases: Ensuring your property acquisitions are legally sound and risk-free.

Sales: Protecting your interests and ensuring smooth transactions.

Leases and Tenancies: Drafting clear agreements for residential and commercial properties.

Residential Properties: Providing detailed documentation for homes and apartments.

Commercial/Industrial Properties: Managing the complexities of commercial and industrial real estate transactions.

What To Expect From Our Real Estate Documentation Service

Expert Documentation

Our skilled lawyers draft and review all legal documents, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and protection of your rights

Skilled Negotiation

Leverage our expertise to secure the best possible terms on your behalf.

Meticulous Review

Unwavering scrutiny of all legal details to identify and address any potential issues.

Unwavering Representation

We represent you in all real estate negotiations ensuring your voice is heard and interests are protected.

Seamless Process Management

Experience a streamlined and efficient closing, free of unnecessary delays.

Importance of Real Estate Documentation

To ensure your rights are protected and you understand the terms and implications of the documents

Negotiations and Review of contracts representation

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures every aspect is meticulously handled, protecting your investment and maximizing your benefits.

Why Choose Charis Legal Practice?

Confidence through Clarity: Make informed decisions based on factual information

Experience You Can Trust: Benefit from our seasoned lawyers and property specialists

Streamlined Process & Efficiency: Expertly handle legal matters and ensure a smooth transaction.

Competitive Rates: Transparent pricing ensures value for your investment.


Barrister Tosin Omotosho

Hello, I am Tosin Omotosho, and it is a pleasure to have you on our website.

I have been a business and real estate lawyer for over 15 years, and I spent my first 8 years cutting my teeth in a topmost Lagos law firm before starting Charis Legal Practice.

As an undergraduate of Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, I dreamt of helping lots of people get out of trouble or even avoid trouble altogether with my knowledge of the law…

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Frequently asked questions:

Why Choose Charis Legal Practice?

We offer a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for high-value transactions. Our experienced lawyers will meticulously handle every aspect, protecting your investment, maximizing your benefits, and ensuring a smooth process.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Absolutely! Having a lawyer ensures your rights are protected and you fully understand the terms and implications of the documents.

How Long Does It Take?

The timeframe depends on the complexity of the documents and transaction.


We maintain strict confidentiality and use secure systems to protect your sensitive information.

Who Do You Represent?

We represent both buyers and sellers, as well as landlords and tenants.


We offer transparent fee structures tailored to your specific needs. We'll discuss this during your consultation call.


Explore our website for additional resources, including blog posts and client testimonials.

Who performs the due diligence?

Our experienced real estate lawyer and experts (a surveyor) conduct due diligence, ensuring a thorough and legally sound process.

What kind of report can I expect?

Our comprehensive report will highlight key findings, identify potential issues, and provide recommendations for next steps.

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